Crystal Bowman

When people find out I am a children’s author, the response is always positive. I hear comments like, “Oh how fun!” or “I am so jealous!” or “I want to do what you do!” Writing books for children is fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. But fun does not mean easy. The more you learn about writing for children, the harder it gets, because you realize there is much to learn and know about this genre. People often ask me how I became a best-selling children’s author. If they want a quick and easy answer, they will not get one. It has taken me 20 years to get to where I am today.

I wrote my first book in 1993. Cracks in the Sidewalk is a collection of humorous poems that I wrote to share with children in the elementary schools. Since I was a no-name rookie writer, I self-published it to supplement my school visits and poetry workshops. In less than a year, I sold 5000 copies. I had 5000 more copies printed and sold them as well. Did I sell them easily? Of course not! I volunteered my services to every school, church, or library that would let me in. With the exception of a few locally owned bookstores who would buy a dozen copies at a time, I sold every single book myself. But Cracks became a local best-selling children’s book, and this opened the door for me into the world of writing and publishing.

I began writing children’s books for Zondervan, Baker, and Eerdmans. Since those early days of writing and publishing, I have written over 70 books. I am now writing books for Tyndale and Standard, and continue to write for Zondervan. My children’s books include boardbooks, picture books, beginning reader books, and Bible storybooks.

Writing is my passion and also my minstry. Writing for the Christian market gives it all a greater purpose. When parents tell me that my books help their children learn more about God, I am humbled beyond words.

My advice to those who want to write for children is to read, learn, and then write. Writers’ Conferences are a great place to start.

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