Kristie Wilde

Me square 120dipAs a mother and grandmother, Kristie enjoys going on adventures with children. She loves seeing their eyes light up as they discover some new, exciting treasure – especially when that treasure is a bit of insight about who God is, and His wonderful creation. Books are one of her favorite ways to go exploring.

Utilizing her knowledge of the natural world – gained while acquiring a degree in Forestry – with her love for Jesus and artistic gift, she creates beautiful, insightful children’s books, aimed at lighting up the eyes.

Kristie is the author, illustrator and self-publisher for the Joyful Creation Series. Made for a Purpose, and, So Great a Love, are already published and available.
Currently, she is working on a third book, titled It’s a Jungle in Here.

Kristie has also illustrated and published Judy Watson’s delightful children’s books, Shooting Stars and Satellites, Green Smoothies and Brain Talk, All About Me, and, In my World.

As the owner and artistic source of Wilde Art, and Wilde Art Press in Sonora, California, Kristie enliven her projects with watercolor illustrations in a realistic style with whimsical touches.
Blending her talent as an artist/illustrator with her expertise in Photoshop and experience communicating educational concepts – gained while working with the Interpretive Department of the U.S. Forest Service – she can take projects from concept to completion.

The US Forest Service and several parks commissioned Kristie to illustrate interpretive signage for several of their interpretive ventures.

“All Creation declares the glory of God”

More of Kristie’s works can be seen at: and You can contact her by email at
The Joyful Creation Series is available at:, and online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, as well as local Sonora CA. area book stores.

You can also follow Kristie’s progress on her Facebook page at:

Enjoy exploring the Joyful Creation series with the children in your life!

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Made for a Purpose

Made For a Purpose, is the first book in the Joyful Creation Series, written, illustrated and published by Kristie Wilde. It’s a beautifully illustrated little book that introduces children to the concept of God’s wisdom demonstrated all around and within them. Using simple text and animal characters, a scientifically based line of thinking is introduced which familiarizes them with His wisdom and character. This can form a foundation from which they view their world, developing the habit of looking for, recognizing and expecting God’s wisdom throughout their lives.

So Great a Love

So Great a Love, is the second book in the Joyful Creation Series, written, illustrated and published by Kristie Wilde. It’s another beautifully illustrated little book designed to visually and verbally communicate the eternal, unchangeable aspects of God’s great love for us, his children. Using examples from His creation and simple text, this book gives children solid, observable depictions of what God’s love for them is like and presents an invitation for them to come to Him and partake of it.

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