Wendy Sparkes

Wendy Sparkes lives in the UK and has been a Nursery Nurse for over fifteen years working with children aged three to five. She’s passionate about finding new ways to enthuse and engage young children.

She is also the author of the Stop and Smell the Roses Series. Her books aim to incorporate Christian themes in a simple and straightforward way so that children can understand them and relate to them. A Sunny Day, Snowfall and One Starry Night include some extracts from the Bible, all of which are explained by the parents, enabling children to pick up on these important themes through their play and social encounters. The activities Jude and Annie enjoy are easy, and often free, for young readers to follow at home.



Come along with Jude and Annie as they discover the meaning of Christmas in One Starry Night, find out more about heaven in Snowfall, and learn about praising God in everything – yes even when things go wrong in A Sunny Day.


Here is a book video of A Sunny Day.


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