Books with Great Content for Christian Kids

It’s back-to-school time. Soon kids will be choosing books to read for school assignments as well as for leisure reading. Over the next few weeks, I would like to explore some things to consider when searching for great books for … Continue reading

Finding Great Books for Christian Kids

The ¬†Internet is full of pictures of families getting ready for back-to-school. Backpacks and home school rooms are well-stocked with pencils, notebooks, markers, and rulers. There is one thing to be added to the list: books. Choosing great books for … Continue reading

Make a Bookmark Day

This week I saw a library sign. Summer reading is good, but I might add that fall reading, winter reading, and summer reading are also good. In fact, I think that they are great. I think you agree with me. … Continue reading

Children’s Books for Vacation

It is vacation season! One of my favorite childhood memories of preparing for a trip was choosing the books and activities that I would take along with me. Times have changed. Or have they? I would like to think that … Continue reading