Children’s Books for Vacation

It is vacation season! One of my favorite childhood memories of preparing for a trip was choosing the books and activities that I would take along with me. Times have changed. Or have they? I would like to think that … Continue reading

Undercover Devotion Club

It happened just the other day. The mom of a ten-year-old boy was remarking about the things he does not want to do — things like go to Sunday School, read a devotional. . . and use soap. Ten-year-old boys … Continue reading

A Traveling Book Club

These days I am thinking a lot about traveling and books. Later this month, I have the privilege of being a part of a literacy mission trip, hosted by the Christian Authors Network and the Christian Booksellers Association. You can … Continue reading

Tips for Fun Family Devotions

Carol McAdams Moore has written some great devotional books for preteens and talked about the importance of devotions in her May 16 blog. In her January 10 blog of this year, Carol talked about establishing devotional routines with children. I … Continue reading

One Reason Kids Don’t Like Summer

Are the children in your family counting down the days until summer? Most likely they are looking forward to sleeping a little later, spending time with friends, playing on a sports team, going to camp, going on vacation, and seeing … Continue reading