Creation or Evolution – What IS the Big Deal?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. This is the first sentence of the first book in the Bible. It is the most important sentence in the whole creation account – God created everything, the world didn’t create … Continue reading

Keeping Kids Keeping Faith Part 2

I recently attended, and blogged about a children’s ministry conference in Sydney and was concerned to hear that a staggering number of children, as young as 10 years old, are dropping out of church communities. In one sense this news surprised … Continue reading

Happily Ever After

“…and they all lived happily ever after,” is the usual ending to a fairy tale. From the time we are little, this is what we dream of – finding that one true love and living happily ever after. I’ve had happily … Continue reading

Keeping Kids Keeping Faith

“As many as 50% of children raised in Christian families drop out of church during their transition from primary school to high school.” This is what I heard at a recent children’s ministry conference. The speaker was David Goodwin, an … Continue reading