Matching Games and Teachable Moments

On July 18, Ava Pennington posted a wonderful blog about teachable moments with children—how they are often spontaneous and can occur as a response to something a child sees. I recently had a teachable moment while playing a new game … Continue reading

Make a Time Capsule with Kids

Time Capsule for Kids

Have you ever noticed how excited young children are when they learn about the Bible? Some time, often as they reach the 9 – 10 year old range, peer pressure starts to kick in. Many begin to drift away from … Continue reading

Hot Off The Press


For an author, holding a newly published hot-off-the-press book is always an exciting moment. It’s a moment of satisfaction and a feeling of reward. After many months (or years) of writing, revising, rewriting, and revising again, the words you sometimes … Continue reading