How to Host a Shepherd’s Dinner

A Shepherd’s Dinner is a fun family activity that the youngest (and oldest) family members can enjoy. The night Jesus was born, the shepherds “watched their flocks at night” (Luke 2:8) You and your family are about to become some … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Fun for Christian Families

It is already November! I can’t believe that fall is going so quickly, but Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love to gather with my family and thank God for His many blessings. I love the anticipation of … Continue reading

Snuggle Up and Read

It is a wet, chilly season here in Illinois. I love to see God’s handiwork painted in the fall colors of the leaves. I love to enjoy a bowl of warm, homemade soup with my family. I love to snuggle … Continue reading

Fun ideas for families when the lights go out

  My husband and I have spent much of the day preparing for Hurricane Matthew. We’ve had a false sense of security until the predictions changed. Instead of Matthew blowing out to sea, they are now predicting he will hug … Continue reading

Make a Family Devotion Jar

Kids love routine, but they also love surprises. Here is a quick way to include both in your family devotions with kids. Create a family devotion jar. Make slips of paper with activities (various devotion styles). Let the kids take … Continue reading