Matching Games and Teachable Moments

On July 18, Ava Pennington posted a wonderful blog about teachable moments with children—how they are often spontaneous and can occur as a response to something a child sees. I recently had a teachable moment while playing a new game … Continue reading

The Best Mothering Advice I Ever Got

Mom and sleeping newborn

When I was a new mother, I felt woefully inadequate. Though I loved being a mom, I also felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. Why did it seem everyone else was so much more confident than I … Continue reading

Jesus Talked To Me Today

Compiled by James Stuart Bell
Published by Bethany House, July 2016

Have you ever been so desperate for Jesus that when he shows up you don’t recognize him at all? But the funny thing is, children recognize him right away. That’s what my story, A Visit From the Healer, (and many … Continue reading

Summer Days

Growing up in Michigan, summer was always my favorite season. I loved the sunny days and warmer temps. But my favorite part of summer was long daylight hours. I played outdoors with the neighborhood kids for hours after dinner. One … Continue reading