Caterpillar hunt – a golden opportunity for parents and grandparents to get kids outdoors

It is autumn, the best time of year for finding caterpillars – an activity that offers enough excitement to pull kids of all ages away from their cell phones and electronic gadgets and get them to go outdoors with you! … Continue reading

My Rocking Chair

Spending time with my granddaughter brings back so many precious memories of when I was raising my own little ones. One of my favorite things is to rock her to sleep for her nap time or bedtime. The feeling of … Continue reading

Siblings and the New Baby

Our family has a new grandchild, just eight days old. After a week in the NICU, he came home yesterday. The grandparents here in town pitched in to care for the five-year-old and spend some time at the hospital to … Continue reading

God’s Word – Are our children learning it?

Who taught you the Scriptures? Chances are your parents and/or Sunday school teachers were your first Bible teachers. Beginning with the time the Ten Commandments were given to the Israelites, God charged us to teach his commandments to our children . (Read … Continue reading