Praying for the Mean Girls

I am writing to you as one parent to another. My heart aches because my daughter has been targeted by mean girls at her school. This is not new. It is something that started in middle school and seems to … Continue reading

Books for Beginning Readers: An Interview with Joyce Maynard

Last spring I had the pleasure of meeting Joyce Maynard at a book fair and learning about her books for new and struggling readers. The faith-based stories of Sunday Bells Publications are designed for young children who are just learning … Continue reading

Back to School and Back to Your Schedule

I think the toughest thing about the end of summer for us is getting back into our daily routines that include: school, work, sports, and homework. Since the girls were little, I’ve done my best to try and ease the transition. … Continue reading

Good-bye Summer

For some children, summer vacation is over. For others, it’s almost over. The end of summer often brings mixed emotions for both parents and children. In Michigan where I grew up, school didn’t begin until after Labor Day. I always … Continue reading

Books with Great Content for Christian Kids

It’s back-to-school time. Soon kids will be choosing books to read for school assignments as well as for leisure reading. Over the next few weeks, I would like to explore some things to consider when searching for great books for … Continue reading