Happily Ever After

“…and they all lived happily ever after,” is the usual ending to a fairy tale. From the time we are little, this is what we dream of – finding that one true love and living happily ever after. I’ve had happily … Continue reading

Go and Make Disciples – a family discussion.

“Go and make disciples…”  The words of Jesus’ great commission (see Matthew 28:18-20) are almost too familiar to us. They roll off our tongue in memory verses and rattle round our ears comfortably like words spoken as a lullaby. But … Continue reading

Steps for When It’s Tough to Forgive

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Many celebrated their love for each other with gifts and gestures of kindness. So, why talk about forgiveness during a month that is dedicated to love? Because forgiveness is important in our relationships with others and with … Continue reading

Grandparenting with a Purpose by Lillian Ann Penner (Book Review)

■Grandparenting with a Purpose: Effective Ways to Pray for Your Grandchildren ■Author: Lillian Ann Penner ■Publisher: Crossbooks ■ISBN-13: 978-1-9150-7611-6 ■SRP: $12.00 ■Reviewed By: Janice Green Rating:      Grandparenting with a Purpose is a treasure of inspiration for any grandparent who is passionate … Continue reading