Love Letters from God: Bible Stories for a Girl’s Heart

9780310753285_image (1)About ten years ago I had a crazy dream. I would write a Biblestory book for children… and it would be published by Zondervan. My husband, ever the encourager, (and maybe also thinking about his retirement) cheered me on. Dreams do come true. Mine did. I call it the Ephesians 3:20 principle… that God can do immeasurably more than all we could ever ask or imagine. Continue reading

Fast Freddy

Fast Freddy  by Lee Ann Mancini Adventures of the Sea Kids book series

Fast Freddy
by Lee Ann Mancini
Adventures of the Sea Kids book series

Fast Freddy soon realizes his greatest fear on his first day at his new school. Everyone notices he’s different. With the help of his teacher, Miss Mermaid, and the janitor, Mr. Seahorse, the other students soon learn that teamwork helps turn everyone’s differences (especially Fast Freddy’s) into great strengths. Continue reading

FREE Men of the Bible Coloring Page-Adam

Free Men of the Bible Coloring Page-AdamThe story of Adam and Eve is foundational to the Bible and the entire Gospel, though it was only recently that I became aware of the constant attack this key story is under, the push to relegate it to a nice children’s story or a fairy tale, but not “real” history. I grew up reading and hearing about all the stories in the Bible, and Biblical history was a key part of the history curriculum in the Christian school I attended. But recently, I’ve been watching through a series of specials by Creation Ministries International and am learning that it is absolutely critical that children understand that Genesis IS history, and that there are rational and logical reasons to see it as such. Because without Adam, Eve, and Genesis, Continue reading

Plan for eternity

Lead your child to Christby Janice D. Green

Did you see the recent picture of Confucius on Facebook? It shared his quote, “If your plan is for 1 year, plant rice. If your plan is for 10 years, plant trees. If your plan is for 100 years, educate children.” Did you pass it on as a piece of great wisdom? As a Christian, I see his quote misses the mark altogether.

How far ahead do you plan? Psalm 144:4 tells us, “Man is like a mere breath; His days are like a passing shadow.” (NASB) Keeping this in mind, what is the most important thing we need to plan for in our lifetimes?  Matthew 6:19-20 cautions us to not store up treasures on earth, but to store up treasures for eternity. Are our children not our greatest treasures? How are we making plans to guide them to a living eternal faith in Jesus Christ? Continue reading

10 Places to Share Christian Books with Kids

SpringFlowersIt is spring! Maybe it is not quite official on the calendar, but warm springtime temperatures are here. Maybe you are a mom doing spring cleaning and you are just not sure what to do with the books your children have outgrown. Maybe you are a children’s author who wants to connect kids with Christian books. Here are ten places to share Christian books with children and teens. After all, who knows how God will use the book that you pass along in a child’s life. Continue reading