Eating well while losing weight – even through the holidays

10068986 - close-up of human hands with forks tasting saladThe holiday season is here again in full swing. Are you looking forward to a Thanksgiving feast next week?  Enjoying good food with family and friends is a wonderful tradition.

I want to share about healthy eating, and do my level best to not dampen the holiday spirit that includes much feasting. I do not claim to be an expert on dieting, but my husband and I are in the midst of a major shift in the way we’ve been eating and are experiencing miraculous weight loss. Our research online has turned up so much surprising information about what has been putting the pounds on and what will help take them off – and keep us healthy at the same time. Continue reading

Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday

We have a joke in our house. We call Thanksgiving the speed bump on the way to Christmas. That’s truly an unfortunate way of looking at a holiday that is all about giving thanks.

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‘Twas the Evening of Christmas

Twas The Evening CoverA few weeks ago, I promised to share a peek inside my newest children’s picture book, ‘Twas the Evening of Christmas, a Nativity story told in rhyme that mimics Clement C Moore’s classic tale.

Publisher’s Weekly describes Russian born Elena Selivanova’s illustrations as:

Evocative paintings featuring soft lines and gentle shifts between sunlight, moonglow, starlight, and shadow–as well as light that seems to emanate from the newborn child. Her gauzy, muted palette and shifting perspectives fully immerse readers in the unfolding events.

Here’s your peek at some of my favorite scenes, beginning with the animals in the stable: Continue reading

FREE Men of the Bible Coloring Page-Timothy

FREE Men of the Bible Coloring Page-Timothy“Let no man despise thy youth” was a verse I heard often growing up. It’s found in 1 Timothy 4:12 (KJV), and I think it resonated with me because I always seemed to be the youngest in anything I did. I started 1st grade when I was 5, so I was the youngest in my class, the youngest in the office when I got a job, etc. The verse is an encouragement to anyone who feels they are “too young” to handle a role they’ve been given. But the verse doesn’t stop there. It goes on Continue reading

Training Them Up

Train Them Up

Train Them Up

Christ, the Cornerstone of Truth

There is a saying about children that goes, “If you don’t teach them, the world will!” That is a frightening thought! Just look at the spiritual landscape of America today. In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in what many are calling “New Spirituality,” a worldview that emphasizes the supernatural along with dissatisfaction with traditional institutions.  This worldview claims that everyone ultimately prays to the same god or spirit. In addition, it asserts that “meaning and purpose come from becoming one with all that is,” and it promotes the concept of karma, the idea that if you do good to others, good will come your way. In other words, New Spirituality reduces the true God to a spiritual being who helps those who help themselves.

Here are some statistics.

  • 28% of Christians have embraced the notion that “all people pray to the same god or spirit, no matter what name they use for that spiritual being.”
  • 27% of Christians agree that “meaning and purpose come from becoming one with all that is.”
  • 32% of Christians agree that “if you do good, you will receive good, and if you do bad, you will receive bad.”
  • 52% of practicing Christians strongly agree that the Bible teaches us that “God helps those who help themselves.”
  • Overall, at least 61% of practicing Christians embrace at least one of the ideas rooted in New Spirituality.

These statistics are scary. We need to reinforce our children’s understanding of biblical truths early on in life. In fact, we should try to ensure that Jesus Christ becomes the cornerstone of their lives within their first five years on this earth! Our goal should be for our children to say, “I love Mommy and Daddy and Jesus.” In addition to teaching our children to pray to Jesus, let’s read them books that show other children interacting with Jesus and putting their trust in Him as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. After all, if we do not teach our children to put their trust in Christ, the world will surely teach them otherwise!

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