Answering Your Kids’ Questions

devo“Hey, Dad. Will your ear get wet if I spit in the phone?” I overheard the conversation as my son was talking to my husband on the kitchen phone—the kind we had years ago that was attached to the wall. Continue reading

Read It Again, Please


Does your child ask you to read the same book over and over and OVER? That’s a good thing. You are creating a love for reading. Your child will see himself/herself as a reader. As you read the same book over and over, your child will soon be able to “read” that book as well. “They’ve memorized it,” you will say. Yes, to a point, but actually they have internalized what it means to be a reader, to tell a story, to understand something from the printed page, and to enjoy reading.   Continue reading

Latest Art Craze: Poured Painting

pourpaintMy granddaughter Lily’s new favorite activity is poured painting. She chooses a few acrylic colors, and thins them with water and a pour painting medium (a type of varnish) made for this activity. This helps the paint flow easily.

Next she pours each color onto a canvas, and tilts to canvas to let the colors flow and blend together. Even after it dries the colors appear to be flowing and splashing joy onto the canvas. This process uses gravity rather than a brush to cover the canvas. Continue reading

YouTube or GodTube?

You or God Tube?

You or God Tube?

If you are like most parents and grandparents who watch entertaining or educational videos online, you’re probably very accustomed to using YouTube. More than likely, so are your children. According to The Journal, a website that claims to be “transforming education through technology,” 73% of teachers say their students now use mobile phones for learning.[1] Many children access YouTube on their phones Continue reading

The Dandelion Patch by MaryAnn Diorio, PhD

The Dandelion Patch Cover

Guest post by MaryAnn Diorio:

“A children’s book on Eminent Domain?  How interesting!”

Surprise at the topic of my latest children’s book, The Dandelion Patch, has been the most frequent reaction among readers.  I attribute this surprise to the fact that, to my knowledge, no other children’s book has been written on this controversial topic. Hence, my treatment of it makes The Dandelion Patch a book which you may wish to share with the special children in your life.

How did you decide to write about Eminent Domain? Continue reading