Investing in a Writing Career – Interview with Lin Johnson

We have been looking at ways of Investing in a Writing Career. Today is the last post in this series.

Lin.JohnsonI am pleased to post this interview with Lin Johnson, the owner and director of the Write-to-Publish Conference in Wheaton, Illinois. If you are ready to invest in your writing career by attending a conference, I highly recommend  Write-to-Publish. I first attended the conference about 14 years ago. I had not published a book or an article. Every year, by meeting with editors and learning from the speakers, I am challenged to take my writing to the next level. I am honored to be the author of six books, now, as well as numerous other types of writing.

I asked Lin Johnson questions from the perspective of someone who might be considering taking the next step in investing in a writing career by attending a conference. Continue reading

Why I Don’t Give Anything up for Lent

jam-doughnutGrowing up Catholic, I was used to giving up something for Lent. As a kid it was chocolate or donuts or some other treat. One year it was comic books–that was hard. For years after I left the Catholic Church I continued the practice of giving up something over those forty days. At some point, however, I began to question why.

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Four Meaningful Ways to Observe Lent With Children

12710747_10153341537418144_3934121675757710403_oWhat is the best way to observe Lent with children? Although different denominations will vary in their approach, there are four common disciplines that are usually associated with this forty day season:

  • Fasting
  • Bible Reading
  • Prayer
  • Service

Here’s some easy ways to approach these disciplines with children and make Lent a more meaningful season for them: Continue reading

4 suggestions for when Littles Ask BIG questions


My youngest granddaughter looked up at me between bites of pizza and asked: “Who’s Jesus, Grams?” followed by, “Can I see him? Can I talk to him?”

The Apostle Paul did say we should always be ready to give an answer for our faith, right? But when I read that passage I never thought about the Littles in my life asking those faith-based questions.

This recent conversation brought me back to this article I posted two years ago for when Littles ask big questions: Continue reading