Nobody likes me

16763926 - sad little girl sitting near the wallWhat parent hasn’t heard these words coming from one of their children at one time or another? Maybe you’ve said them yourself at one time or another.

When those thoughts come to mind or when we hear others express them, let’s consider the opportunity to remember Jesus’ last night before his crucifixion. He knew what lie ahead for him so he brought his three closest friends with him asking them to keep watch and pray for him. But his friends fell asleep, not just once, but three times after Jesus insisted that they keep watch and pray. Continue reading

Spiritual Warfare

michael_the_archangel__image_7_sjpg1443We’ve discussed the topic of spiritual warfare in the past. It’s something I believe you become more conscious of as your relationship with the Lord deepens. More than coincidence or fate, Christians realize Satan is real and he is determined to sever our relationship with God.

Thankfully, God is even more determined to keep us close to Him.

Continue reading

Why a Dead Flower Pod Might be Better For Our Kids than an iPad….

Xander opening seedsSo his little four year old legs are pedaling fast, and his yellow helmet leads the way. I’m almost running with the stroller, trying to keep up. When suddenly, my grandson stops pedaling and jumps down from his bike. He’s seen something that interests him, something so ordinary that most would pass by without a second glance. But not him. Continue reading

What a Bragger!

What A Bragger!  by LeeAnn Mancini Illlustrated by Dan Sharp GLM Publishing 2015

What A Bragger!
by LeeAnn Mancini
Illlustrated by Dan Sharp
GLM Publishing 2015

What a Bragger! stole my heart. The second book in author, Lee Ann Mancini’s, multiple award-winning Sea Kids Adventures book series, tackles the tough subject of unconditional love.

Who likes a bragger? We’ve all encountered one or two in our lives, but how we react to them may make all the difference to them and to us. Continue reading