Book Review: The First Christmas by Janice D. Green

Title:  The First Christmas Author:  Janice D. Green Illustrator:  Violet Vandor Publisher: Honeycomb Adventures Press, LLC ISBN-13: 978-0-9836808-2-6 SRP: $9.95 Reviewed by: Diane Stortz   Rating: Sometimes it’s good to slow down, especially at the holidays. This book can help … Continue reading

Harvest and Halloween Books for Christian Families

This charming story for children illustrates how a loving farmer can turn a simple pumpkin into a simply glorious sight. Liz Curtis Higgs weaves a beautiful parable as the farmer picks out a special pumpkin from his garden, and scoops … Continue reading

Christian Children’s Books for Halloween

Whatever your attitude toward Halloween, you can find a colorful Christian children’s book to turn your family’s attention to what matters most: knowing and following God. Let’s Shine Jesus’ Light on Halloween isn’t a book about evangelism. Instead, it shows … Continue reading

What Must I Do to Be Saved? By James R. Anderson

■What Must I Do to Be Saved? ■Author: James R. Anderson ■Publisher: Innovo Publishing ■ISBN-10: 1936076888 ■ISBN-13: 978-1-936076-88-8 ■SRP: $16.50 ■Reviewed By: Cheryl Malandrinos Rating: What does the Bible say about eternal life? Purposefully ignoring denominational creeds and traditions, author … Continue reading