No Such Thing as a Typical Day

I’ve always disliked the question, “Can you describe your typical day?” Most likely because I can never answer it. I don’t have typical days–at least not as far as writing is concerned. Or at least not as far as I assumed my … Continue reading

Tell the Next Generation

My mother is 92 years old and can still sit at the kiddie table in her kitchen. When my niece posted this Facebook picture of my mother with her great- grandkids, Psalm 78:4 came to my mind: “We will tell … Continue reading

Book Review: Where Do Belly Buttons Come From? by Jeffrey Warren Scott

Where Do Belly Buttons Come From? Author: Jeffrey Warren Scott Paperback: 28 pages Publisher: CrossBooks Publishing (October 22, 2013) Language: English ISBN-10: 1462732658 ISBN-13: 978-1462732654 List price: $13.95 Reviewed By: Cheryl Malandrinos Rating: Have your young children ever wondered where … Continue reading