Tackling Anxiety with God’s Word

Moments of anxiety can plague just about everyone. Even though I have a great relationship with God, giving┬ámy cares up to Him and allowing Him to work things out has never been easy for me. I find it encouraging┬áto remember … Continue reading

Size Doesn’t Matter

  I saw this picture on Facebook yesterday and immediately my mind went to discipleship. As Christians, we are commissioned by Jesus Christ to share the Good News. We have an amazing opportunity in our daily lives to touch people … Continue reading


If I were to ask you to think of a peaceful moment, you might think of a time when all was calm and quiet. When I think of peace, I think of peaceful sunsets and calm waters. But the peace … Continue reading

The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Violin

Many kids learn to play an instrument while they are in elementary school. It often begins great excitement and anticipation. For many kids, however, the excitement eventually wears off when they realize they need to practice in order to gain … Continue reading

Hearing God’s Voice

I recently had an ear infection that plugged my right ear for over a week. Not only could I not hear with that ear, it affected my total listening ability. The sounds I heard were muffled, confusing, and annoying. I … Continue reading