Summer Days

Growing up in Michigan, summer was always my favorite season. I loved the sunny days and warmer temps. But my favorite part of summer was long daylight hours. I played outdoors with the neighborhood kids for hours after dinner. One … Continue reading

Grieving the Loss of a Pet

Grieving the Loss of a Pet Most of us are familiar with the catchphrase, “Good grief, Charlie Brown!” The words evoke the comical image of the beloved Peanuts characters, created by Charles Schulz. But can the feeling of grief ever … Continue reading

Being Present

I recently had the joy of spending a week on the gulf coast of Florida with some of my grandkids. My granddaughter, who is our oldest grandchild, enjoyed mixing water and sand to create a variety of sculptures—for hours! There … Continue reading

Something Better

My mother became a widow when she was 84 years old. During the first year her grief was so deep that we almost lost her. With the help of doctors and counselors, she began living again. She was mentally alert … Continue reading

Fishing for Presents

On my December 1 post, I offered some creative ideas to help kids anticipate and enjoy the Christmas season. I invited our CCA blog followers to share their ideas and received an email from my friend, Bob Hicks. This is … Continue reading