New Release: Amos Faces His Bully by Cheryl C. Malandrinos

This has been an exciting week for me. I finished edits for my next book, Amos Faces His Bully. Printed copies have been ordered and the book now appears online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. This is my fourth children’s book, … Continue reading

Book Review: Too Big by Judy Dearborn Nill

■Too Big ■Author: Judy Dearborn Nill ■Pages: 161 ■Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing (October 22, 2016) ■ISBN-10: 1616338075 ■ISBN-13: 978-1616338077 ■SRP: $9.95 ■Reviewed By: Cheryl Malandrinos Rating: You’ll find the topics of bullying, peer pressure, friendship and learning to accept who you are … Continue reading

New Release: Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving by Cheryl C. Malandrinos

I hope I’m not the only author who gets excited about each new book release. It’s so much fun to see your work in print…and not just a printed Word document on a computer. The idea for Macaroni and Cheese for … Continue reading

Book Review: Stubby’s Destiny by Dixie Phillips

■Stubby’s Destiny ■Author: Dixie Phillips ■Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing ■ISBN-10: 1933090731 ■ISBN-13: 978-1933090733 ■SRP: $10.95 Rating: Stubby is a donkey who feels he has been born all wrong. He’ll never find his Divine destiny because he’s got poor posture, doesn’t … Continue reading

Book Review: The Veteran’s Clubhouse by Kristen Zajac

■The Veteran’s Clubhouse ■Author: Kristen Zajac ■Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing ■ISBN-10: 1616336617 ■ISBN-13: 978-1616336615 ■SRP: $10.95 Rating: The Veterans’ Clubhouse by Kristen Zajac is a touching story that shows young people they can make a difference. Patrick, Hailey and their … Continue reading