Make a Drawstring Book Bag

Last Saturday we began planning a Read, Write, and Sew CampĀ for preteen girls. Having a camp is a great way to give girls an opportunity to be creative and to explore a Christian book together. Let’s talk about making a … Continue reading

Three Reasons to Give Kids Devotionals

Devotionals are popular gifts at birthdays and Christmas. Perhaps you are wrapping up your shopping for a child or preteen. Your family may be following the four gift tradition: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something … Continue reading

Easter Baskets for Christian Kids

How can it be March already? And this year, that means that Easter is in just a few weeks! Are you filling an Easter basket for some special children in your life? Here are a few ideas that will bring … Continue reading

New Year Resolutions – Devotionals for Preteens

People begin making resolutions for the new year at a pretty young age. Sometimes parents can guide the preteen’s resolutions by encouraging them to start a new devotional for the new year. What are the benefits of devotionals for preteens? … Continue reading

Those 25 Books for Christmas

Did your family participate in the 25 Books for Christmas fun this year? Crystal Bowman posted about it here. I posted about a spin on the same idea for older kids. Now what? Maybe you have lots of new books … Continue reading