Zack Black and the Midnight Snack

Zack Black loves midnight feasts and will do anything to make sure he’s got enough food for his sister’s sleepover. But once Dodger the dog gets involved things don’t go quite according to plan! A fun story about forgiving people, … Continue reading

Zack Black and the Ink Trick!

Zack Black wants his very own Spy Kit to play tricks on his sister. The tricks in the kit are really, really funny! But his sister doesn’t think it is quite as funny as Zack, and things start to go … Continue reading

Zack Black and the Jam Attack!

Zack Black has always liked eating jam. For breakfast he had on jam on toast. For lunch he had jam sandwiches. For tea he had jam pudding. But Zack finds out there is more than one meaning to the word … Continue reading