Called by a Father Who Loves to Give Gifts

Recently I was asked to present at a conference geared to young adults. I was invited to speak about missions since this is one of my first loves and an area in which I have been blessed to have many … Continue reading

Reflections on Mary and the Overshadowing of the Holy Spirit

This Christmas season I have taken some time to reflect on Mary. Having just arrived at the beginning of the third trimester of my first pregnancy, I guess it’s only natural that I would consider her situation more so than … Continue reading

The Timing May Never Be Right

I am a planner. One look at my month-at-a-glance calendar with all of its boxes filled and color-coded is enough to prove it. I think it runs in the family. My Colombian-born husband on the other hand is more spontaneous. … Continue reading

At the Sheep Gate: A Poem of Grace

Grace. Freely given. Grace. Not something we strive for or work for, something we accept. Grace. That frees us from sin, that frees us from self, that frees us from the need to prove ourselves. I have come to see … Continue reading