How Did a Good Christian Parent Like Me End Up with a Wayward Child?


Is there anything that bothers parents more than watching a child go astray? Why can’t real life be like an episode of Little House on the Prairie, where in the span of an hour all the problems are fixed and everyone gets along again? … Continue reading

Nurturing Resistant Teens

I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t we supposed to raise compliant teens? Don’t we want them to be obedient and easy to get along with rather than resistant? Well, yes. And no. Compliant and resistant (rebellious?) teens both need nurturing. … Continue reading

The Dictator Embraces Democracy

It’s tough to imagine when our children are little and so needy that there will ever come a day when they aren’t begging for our attention. But it happens faster than blinking your eye. Before you know it, the little … Continue reading