What Kids Need Most from Their Dads

It’s almost Father’s Day, so let’s talk dads. Dads do tons of things every day to provide for their kids. They’re pros at wrestling with them and playing tickle games. Their strength is unparalleled when it comes to carrying kids … Continue reading

God Loves Me

Last week my nephews were visiting for 4 days. One morning while they were getting dressed the 4 year old suddenly announced, “God loves me.” … Continue reading

He is Risen!

Following on from my post Amazing Love!, I thought that today I would share some hymns and choruses relating to the resurrection. You can hear all the hymns and choruses by clicking on the musical notes ♫by each song. First is … Continue reading

Memory Lane #1

I’ve mentioned before the value of songs in a child’s life as it increases their language and literacy skills, as well as the effect Christian songs have in a child’s life whether they be Bible verses put to music to … Continue reading