Your Child’s Personality and Reading

Hello from Karen! I enjoy children and their unique personalities. so let’s talk about how temperament relates to reading styles and habits. Our personality influences how we approach life and tasks. Understanding your child’s personality may help you know how … Continue reading

Accepting Your Child’s Reading Choices

After the girls were born, I was thrilled with the idea of sharing some of my favorite childhood books with them. I incorrectly assumed that their tastes would be similar to mine, especially since I purchased all their books in … Continue reading

My Children Taught Me to Read

“Jesus taught them many things by using picture stories…” Matthew 13:3a NLV My children cut their teeth on books like Pat the Bunny (Dorothy Kunhardt), The Little Engine That Could (Watty Piper), Goodnight Moon, The Golden Egg Book and Home … Continue reading

Book Review: What would Jesus drive?

Book: What would Jesus drive? Author: Paul Clark Paperback: 32 pages Publisher:Even Before Publishing, Wombat Books, Australia, 2012 Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1 921633713 RRP: $9.99 (Also available in electronic formats) Reviewed By: Penny Reeve   Blurb:‘It is Palm Sunday in the Church Car Park and Jesus … Continue reading