Coloring pages to teach about Advent

Most children enjoy coloring – not only young children, but children at heart – whose ages can be counted by decades. Let’s consider coloring our way through Advent this Christmas season and use the coloring pages to help us focus … Continue reading

Anticipating the Christ Child – the Original Advent

I am recording a four-part overview of the Christmas story as it appears in the Bible. Families are invited to read and/or listen as part of their celebration of Christmas. Look for part two on Christmas Day, part three on January 2, and part … Continue reading

Christmas Bible Trivia and a Puzzle for the Children

How well do you know the story of the first Christmas. There are many aspects of the Christmas story that have been embellished by history. When we read Bible for ourselves, we find the account is much simpler. See how you … Continue reading

How can your family focus on Christ this Christmas?

Every year we get bombarded with Seasons Greeting messages starting on November 1 if not earlier. The rush to shop for Christmas presents is upon us, with its expectations to shop for more people than our budget can handle, and to attend … Continue reading