Grit and Grace: Heroic Women of the Bible: A Book Review

51Z9IYKG93L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Ever since I penned Girls’ Love Letters from God, I’ve had a fascination with the women of the Bible. So when I saw a new book called Grit and Grace appear on the bookshelves, I was intrigued.

In Grit and Grace: Heroic Women of the Bible, author Caryn Rivadeneira steps into the shoes of fifteen women and re-imagines their stories. With a powerful foreword by Sarah Bessey, this lovely book draws the reader right into the lives of these women, so that you become part of their stories too.

Described by Publishers Weekly as A provocative exploration that gives welcome voice, attention, and ink to women often relegated to the margins of biblical stories, this new title certainly deserves a place in the hands of your daughters, your sons, and on the shelf in every church library. Here’s some of my favorite snippets from the book: Continue reading

Training Kids to Rule the Playground


I sat sunning myself on the park bench watching her almost-five-year-old self scoop and sift sand through her fingers while eyeing the boy across the sandbox digging holes with his long-handled shovel. She offered small talk but he’d have none of it and pushed his shovel deeper into the sand as though flexing his muscles to impress her.

Amused by their interplay, wondering how it might end, I kept a watchful eye. Continue reading

What I Learned from Irma

284699Having spent most of my life in Michigan, I am used to extreme weather and fierce snowstorms. But now that I am a Floridian, I have learned about the power of a hurricane. The latest storm, named Hurricane Irma, blasted the Caribbean Islands as well as the entire state of Florida. I was in East Texas visiting my daughter when reports to evacuate were posted. My flight was canceled so I spent another week with my daughter’s family, thankful to be in a safe place.  Continue reading

Like My Teacher


It’s back-to-school time and my thoughts are turning to teachers…

I am blessed to have been taught by some excellent teachers, Not all were in a classroom. Many came into my life through the years to mentor, encourage, and train me in different life areas. Some were managers in the workplace. Others served alongside me at church. Still others were friends who modeled the reality of living for Christ.

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A Legacy of Words

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As a young child of nine years old, I listened intently, wide-eyed with delight, as my father read the lilting verse from the musty, second-hand volume of The Oxford Book of English Verse. How his voice danced with the rhythm of the words! Up, down, round, and through. Over and under each syllable he sailed, propelled by the wind of poetic joy. Like a master violinist, he played each syllable with all of his heart, pouring into it the essence of his being.  Continue reading