A Sunny Day

Well, summer has well and truly arrived in UK ~ it has been very hot and humid this last week.

Also, the summer holidays have now arrived! :)

What is your favourite summer holiday memory?

I have very fond memories of the many years I spent camping with my family. This led to me writing a summer holiday story for children set on a campsite. Click here to see some behind the scenes pictures of the story.

 sunny dayWhile on holiday Jude and Annie get to see the sunrise, and learn about praising God in everything – yes even when things go wrong!

Click here to see the Book Video.


 “In this wholesome Christian picture book, a young boy and girl learn to appreciate the world around them and find the good even in bad experiences…this sweetly put story would serve nicely as a Sunday School primer.”    – Blue Ink Reviews.

“…highlights the presence of God in the daily life of a loving family.”   – Kirkus Indie Reviews


Enjoy the rest of the summer, and like Jude and Annie, I hope you too get to see and enjoy a sunrise and a sunset!

For those of you following me on Facebook, I’ll be posting some fun activities there to do throughout the summer holidays. Hope to see you there!

~ Wendy Sparkes ~

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Summer Camp Blues

Last week, friends of ours sent their children away to camp for the first time. She filled her Facebook page with tearful posts expressing the pain of sending her “babies” off for a whole week.

I wonder if her kids’ camp has a photo gallery.

CampThe camp website photo gallery is a way for parents to connect with their children without being accused of hovering. But hover, they do…even if it’s just in front of their computer screen. They dissect every facial expression, every smile, every bit of body language to determine if little Johnny or sweet Susie is really having a good time.

If facial expressions aren’t clear enough, parents ask their children to include a thumbs-up in their photos. But if a child forgets the hand-signal, panic can set in and camp directors are sure to receive a frantic phone call from parents. This happens enough for some camps to ban the hand-signal or even discontinue official camp photos in general.

What can you do to protect your children when they are away at camp?

  • First, pray
    Pray about your camp selection before you send your children. Pray while they are away, too.
  • Investigate, then choose
    Do your homework. Check references.
  • Teach safe boundaries
    Make sure your children understand safe physical boundaries to protect themselves.
  •  Teach them to trust God
    One of God’s names is Yahweh Shammah – God is There. Your child is never alone and an intimate relationship with the Lord gives them the assurance that He will never leave them alone (Hebrews 13:5).
  •  Trust God Yourself
    Another of God’s names is El Roi – The God Who Sees Me

    Your child may be a thousand miles away, but that’s nothing for the God who created this earth and sees everything that happens.

Your children may be homesick at first, but sleep-away camp gives them an opportunity to grow in their independence. At the same time, they will grow in dependence on their heavenly Father through faith and trust in Him, even if their earthly parents aren’t around. And so will you.

If you’ve sent your children to camp, what has helped you through the process?

Ava Pennington

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Review of Jonah and the Great Big Fish, by Rhonda Gowler Greene

jonahTitle: Jonah and the Great Big Fish

Author:  Rhonda Gowler Greene

ISBN:  978-0310732198

Age: 3-8

SRP:  $9.99 (hardback); $5.99 (ebook)

My Rating: :) :) :) :) 

Jonah and the Great Big Fish, by Rhonda Gowler Greene is a wonderful book that tells a familiar Bible story in rhyme. For example, this book included the following line.

God told Jonah to obey, said, ‘Go to Nineveh this day.’

But, stubborn Jonah fled instead. Didn’t do just what God said.

Jonah’s disobedience landed him inside a big fish!

And there he had time to think and pray.

I love the fact that this book includes the complete story of Jonah.  It starts with God commanding Jonah to travel to Ninevah and covers all the major points (i.e., the storm that caused Jonah to be thrown over boarded, Jonah being swallowed by a fish, Jonah’s eventual repentance and obeying God). Since this story of Jonah is so thorough, Jonah and the Great Big Fish is an excellent book to teach a child about the consequences of being disobedient and what to do if you are disobedient (pray, ask for forgiveness and obey).

The illustrations in this book are bright and colorful.  They are a cross between being cartoonish and realistic.

About the Author: Rhonda Gowler Greene is the author of over 20 children’s books. Her books have received various honors, such as School Library Journal Best Book, American Booksellers “Pick of the List,” Children’s Book Council Showcase Book, Bank Street College Best Book, International Reading Association Children’s Choice Book, Junior Library Guild selection, Michigan Reads One State One Children’s Book Award, and also starred reviews.

A dynamic speaker, Rhonda loves presenting at schools, libraries, and conferences. She especially likes talking to students of all ages about how to improve their writing.

A former elementary learning disabilities teacher, Rhonda earned her B.A. in elementary and special education from Northern Kentucky University and her master’s in educational media from Xavier University in Cincinnati. She currently resides in southeast Michigan.

You can learn more about Rhonda by visiting http://rhondagowlergreene.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rhondagowlergreene

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rgowgreene

That is all for now.  Continue to pray for me as I pray for you,


P.S. What great Christian children books have you read lately?

You can learn more about me by visiting www.booksbycorine.com


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