Books teach compassion and empathy

Little ones are adorable although self-absorbed. They don’t automatically understand the feelings of others. Books can open their hearts to understanding feelings and building compassion for others hat can increase as they grow and continue reading.

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For young children

Read a book about feelings and talk about the expressions in the pictures. Try to mimic the facial expressions. Talk about times the child has had a similar experience r feeling.

Preschoolers and early elementary ages

Children start engaging in stories and can begin to identify with a character. Chat about a character in a book. Ask how your child thinks the character feels and why. Do they know what the character believes? What are the problems and solutions?

Older children

It’s great for children who read fluently to read books like Helen Keller and the story of Louis Braille. They can discover how people overcame struggles and handicaps. It’s also good to read books that reflect diversity, different regions of the US, and different circumstances. These provide opportunities for children to broaden their viewpoint and understand differences as well as similar struggles.It’s good to read some of the books together and discuss the emotional aspects.

Books provide lots of material for conversations and open minds to understanding people, cultures, and emotions.


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Kid’s Day in Christian Bookstores

UntitledIt is Saturday! Yay! Let’s hear it for Saturday!

What will your family be doing today? Saturday is a time for sports, chores, errands… It gets busy quickly, doesn’t it?

I want to put one more thing on your list to do.

Actually, I am hoping that you will make it top priority.

Today is not just any Saturday. Today is Kid’s Day at many independent Christian stores across the country. It is an annual event for children and their families. Special activities created by children’s authors will be the focus.

You can check to see if the Christian bookstore in your area is hosting Kid’s Day. It not, give them my email ( I am happy to share a similar summer-long program with them.

Hey. While you are there, why not check out everything the store has for children? It reminds me of a favorite Bible verse.

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6  (NIV)

Next Sunday is Easter. I can’t think of anything better to fill a child’s Easter basket, than books and gift items from your Christian bookstore. Yesterday, Diane Stortz wrote some things to consider when buying books for very young children. Non fiction and fiction books, written by Christian authors, are a great choice for children of all ages. And, I can’t think of a better time of year to start a preteen in a devotional book than at Easter when we celebrate new life in Christ.

So, what about your family? Is a stop at the Christian bookstore on your list for today?

Many blessings on you and yours as we head into Easter week -


I write for children and preteens. My devotional books for preteens are new from Zonderkidz. Visit my blog to read more about my books.


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The Trouble with Easter–in Children’s Books

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you love Jesus, and love children, and love books, then it just makes sense to want to give a child a book at Easter.

But if you’re choosy about what’s IN that book, you’ve got some figuring out to do.

You might select a book with cute baby animals and colorful flowers that celebrates spring.

Or a book with cute baby animals and colorful flowers and butterflies about the excitement and joy of new life at springtime.

Or a book in which Jesus dies and rises again … but we never know why.

Or a book that tells the Easter story in some detail and celebrates that because of Easter we can live forever with Jesus in heaven … someday.

Or a book that tells the Easter story in full detail, emphasizing our sin and our need for a Savior.

And any of these might be fine.

Or not.

Because death and resurrection and new life and forever and someday and sin and forgiveness are concepts young children–the age most Easter books are for–aren’t wired to understand just yet (my opinion; I know not everyone agrees).

On my blog at earlier this week, I put together a list of Easter books and a bit of information about each one. I’m sure I could have included more–and if you have a suggestion, I’d love to hear what it is and why you like it.

And I applaud all the authors and publishers who’ve tackled the trouble with Easter in children’s books.

Because every year I still want to slip an Easter book into a child’s basket among the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.


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