Make a Bookmark Day

This week I saw a library sign.

summer readingSummer reading is good, but I might add that fall reading, winter reading, and summer reading are also good. In fact, I think that they are great.

I think you agree with me.

I think many children and teens love, love, love to read. I see them at the library and at the bookstores.

With all of the back-to-school preparations, this is a great time to make a few bookmarks.

I think they will come in handy – don’t you?

Some time ago, I posted about making a duct tape Bible bookmark. You can read about it here.

Today, I want to share a bookmark sheet. It can be copied onto card stock and colored with markers or colored pencils. After cutting out the bookmarks, add a yarn tassel at the top.

Activity Sheet_Make a

I’d love to see the bookmarks that your family creates. Feel free to share pictures here.



Hey everyone! I am getting ready to launch a special back-to-school giveaway. Watch my blog for more details coming soon!

Hint: Who needs a new devotional to start the school year out right?

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Too Old for Jr. Church

Our church resumes its Jr. Church program this week after taking about a month off. Kids ages four through third grade are invited to attend. But what about the older kids? Should they have to miss out? Isn’t the adult worship service over their heads? Probably not. But they may need a hand in applying it and learning how to tune in to a sermon.

That’s what my friend Becky and I were talking about over coffee one recent morning. How could we train kids to listen while sitting in the worship service? We didn’t want them to just draw or play tic-tac-toe. We wanted them to really worship with us and apply what they heard to their lives. Becky came up with the idea of a sermon reflection page. Over the next week or two, she put one together. Here’s what it asks of the kids.

1. Write the sermon title.

2. What is the main scripture?

3. Write one thing you heard in the sermon that you didn’t know before.

4. What is the main idea in the sermon?

5. List any other scriptures here that you want to remember.

6. The book of James tells us to not just be hearers of the Word, but doers also (James 1:22). Write one thing you can do this week (with God helping you) from what you heard today. Be specific. For example, instead of just writing “love my neighbor,” you might write what you plan to do for that neighbor.

After church, the kids are to show their page to either myself or Becky. Then they’ll be encouraged to put a sticker on a chart. After five stickers, they’ll get a prize. After ten, they’ll get a larger prize. They can keep their sermon reflection page each week as a reminder of what they’ve learned from God.

We’re hopeful that kids will learn important skills during this process. We’re opening it up to kids fourth through eighth grade, though anyone, any age, can use the page as well.

Does your church do anything special for kids who are too old for your Jr. Church program? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Cooking With Children

StrawberriesIn June, I spent a few days visiting two of my grandchildren. At one point we decided we should cook something and I suggested waffles. They were very puzzled and said they didn’t have any frozen waffles to cook.

I laughed and responded that we would cook them on the waffle grill. They replied that daddy had used up all the waffle mix.

I laughed again and said I meant we could cook from scratch. Well they giggled and said scratching would not work. I explained that meant we would follow a recipe and use the actual ingredients to make the waffles like flour, milk, oil, and eggs. We had fun measuring and mixing and then more fun eating the waffles.

Some children think most foods come from the freezer or a box. It’s good to open a recipe book and find foods to cook. There are many children’s recipe books and you can also help children search online for a recipe to try.

With summer and all those yummy fresh vegetables and fruits growing outside try cooking up some fresh foods. My children always liked picking wild berries and making pancakes, muffins, and jams. It’s healthier too!


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