A Wonderful Way to Share the Bible Story With Children

Latin-America-mapTwo years ago I was invited to a mission event to teach children about Latin America. We’d gathered around our interactive map and labeled the Amazon River, the rain-forests and the mountains in Peru. We’d talked about how the children in Haiti play tic-tac-toe with bottle caps. Now, it was time for the Bible story. I had decided to use a new approach, based on the Intrapersonal Learning Style, where children are invited to enter right into the Bible story and imagine themselves there as the events are taking place. I’ll never forget what happened… Continue reading

Pumpkins and Jesus

pumpkinsWhether or not you choose to participate in Halloween, your kids will be aware of the holiday. Our secular society loves this holiday because it means big sales for the stores. Costumes, candy, and eerie decorations fly off the shelves in October.  Is there a way we can tie Jesus into this somewhat demonic holiday? Continue reading

Royal Inheritance

princess crown

Disney has done a magnificent job of creating “princess envy” among our little girls. Year after year, some of the most popular Halloween costumes for young girls are the princess costumes. Cinderella. Snow White. Sleeping Beauty.

But little girls aren’t the only ones enamored by the concept of a royal inheritance. Consider the following scenario…

Continue reading

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

We’re all familiar with the saying; “Jesus is the reason for the season.” We usually say this to one another at Christmas. However, Jesus is the reason for every season! We should celebrate seeing Jesus in every season of the year. So now that we are in the autumn season, what lessons does God have to teach us about Himself?

The seasons are like the fingerprints of God. They show us amazing truths Continue reading

Three Keys to Effective Discipline

Brother and sister having an argumentMy mother-in-law was a wise woman. Once, when my husband and his older brother were young children, they had a terrible argument. As a means of helping them resolve their differences, my mother-in-law made each of her two boys wash opposite sides of the same window. Forced to face each other, the brothers’ anger soon turned into laughter.

As I pondered this family story, whose retelling always arouses delight, I noticed three important keys my mother-in-law employed in successfully disciplining her children. These keys will work equally well for us as we apply them to the discipline of our own children. Continue reading