Is Your Candy a Trick or Treat?

It’s almost impossible to go shopping without bumping into mounds of Halloween candy on display. (Let’s not even talk about Christmas candy…nope, we won’t go there!)Halloween candyBut the candy I’ve been seeing is not the candy I remember from my childhood.

Hershey Kisses? Yes.
Hershey Kisses Pumpkin Spice flavored candies? Okay.

M&Ms? Of course.
Pumpkin Spice M&Ms? Hmmm…think I’m seeing a pattern here.

Jelly beans? Yum.
Tabasco-flavored jelly beans? Ummm…not for me.

Chocolate bars? Absolutely!
Pigs ‘N Taters milk chocolate bar with bacon and potato chips? Maybe all three ingredients separately, but together? I’ll pass.

Last year, the confections manager for Walgreen Company noted, “People’s palates are changing….It’s important to be on the cutting edge of that.”

I’ve heard the term cutting edge used to refer to fashions, management philosophies, and technology, but candy?

Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned, but some things just shouldn’t be messed with. Then again, a few of my favorite childhood candies would never be produced today. After all, when was the last time you saw a candy cigarette?

As I ponder the candy industry’s need to come up with cutting edge flavors, I’m reminded of how often Christians today think we have to jazz up the gospel before it can be presented to a new generation. These days, the good ol’ gospel isn’t interesting enough, so we dream up new, cutting edge ways to entertain children to keep their interest.

However, for two thousand years, the Church and the gospel have thrived by being different from the world. Our goal is not to be cutting edge or entertaining. Our purpose is to meet the needs of every man, woman, and child with the unchanging truth of their need to be restored to our awesome God and to share how He meets that need in Jesus Christ.

Of course, we need to speak to children—and adults—in the language they understand. But let’s not run after change for the sake of change. The result might be as much of a failure as butter-flavored lollipops. (And yes, those were a real product!)

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Review of Raegan and RJ in Space

Colonizing the Galaxy for Christ

Title: Raegan and RJ in Space: Colonizing the Galaxy for Christ

Author: Richard M. Collins

ISBN:   1479279056

My Rating: :) :) :) :)  

My Review: Raegan and RJ in Space: Colonizing the Galaxy for Christ is a Christian based space adventure comic book for kids (and adults).  What I love about this book is that it does not include any aliens, guns, or battles.  Because of these features, Raegan and RJ in Space: Colonizing the Galaxy for Christ is the perfect book for the comic lover in your life.

In Colonizing the Galaxy for Christ, five families leave New Hope, Tennessee and travel to the Alpha Centauri Star System in order to set up a new colony called New Hope on a new planet called New Bethlehem. On the way, the main characters, Raegan and RJ, have to complete several missions including saving the earth.

My only complaint with this book is that there are no conflict resolutions (i.e., the missions all go as planned and everyone gets along).  The author could have easily developed a mission that does not go as Raegan and RJ planned.  By not having conflict and having everyone get along, the author misses a chance to demonstrate the sovereignty of God. However, this book models for children the importance of respecting adults, praying and giving God glory for your success.  One thing that is an attention grabber is that the book includes bonus pictures of the ship layout and colony maps.

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Writing through the Changes

writing in journal

Our family has been dealing with a great deal of change this year. I began working outside the home for the first time in over a decade. Our oldest daughter became a teenager. Our youngest daughter struggles with my work commitments that steal me away from her for first time since she was born. And though college is still a few years away, my husband is finding the thought of an empty nest less than comforting.

As a writer, I feel it’s easier for me to cope with these changes because it’s natural for me to share my struggles, my fears, and my successes with strangers. I’ve been doing it for over seven years with my blogs. It’s also something I’ve been encouraging my girls to do.

Journaling provides a release for those pent up feelings you might not feel comfortable expressing. As part of therapy, some people who have had traumatic experiences write a letter to those who have hurt them without the intention of sending it. The exercise of putting those feelings down on paper helps in the healing process.

Journaling also keeps you focused when you write down your goals, your hopes, and your dreams. Seeing those goals, hopes or dreams in black and white with the ability to place a check next to each one as you accomplish or obtain them is very empowering. We have a list of things we wish to purchase for our home. We started it right after we moved in 14 years ago. As we’ve been able to purchase these items, we check them off our list. It’s great to see how far we’ve come and how we’ve improved our lives over the years.

This year has been one of changes for us. Has it been the same way for you? Have you ever considered journaling? How do you go about setting goals to reach your dreams?


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