4 suggestions for when Littles Ask BIG questions


My youngest granddaughter looked up at me between bites of pizza and asked: “Who’s Jesus, Grams?” followed by, “Can I see him? Can I talk to him?”

The Apostle Paul did say we should always be ready to give an answer for our faith, right? But when I read that passage I never thought about the Littles in my life asking those faith-based questions.

This recent conversation brought me back to this article I posted two years ago for when Littles ask big questions: Continue reading

FREE Men of the Bible Coloring Page-Samson

Men of the Bible Coloring Page-SamsonThe story of Samson isn’t the easiest one to share with children. Everyone loves the beginning when he’s the strongest man around. But the choices he made, and the way he lived his life, aren’t exactly preschool-friendly. One of the things that stands out to me about Samson’s story is that God gave him his special strength for a reason, just as He gives each of us our gifts for a reason. When we seek to use the gifts to honor Him and not ourselves, and live in step with His plan, it pleases Him and blesses others. I hope you enjoy this printable coloring page all about Samson!

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Ash Wednesday – Beginning of Lent

Ash-WednesdayWhat is Ash Wednesday? I grew up going to church and had memories of people talking about giving up something for Lent, but I had never heard of Ash Wednesday until my last move when I joined my present church.

The Ash Wednesday service serves as a reminder to the congregation that we came from dust and that we will return to dust. This message is personally delivered to each participant as they kneel at the altar while the pastor or priest places a cross of ashes on his or her forehead with his finger.  Continue reading

My New Tween Book Release

Shelby front coverI squirm a little when it comes to self-promoting a new book. It feels so self-serving and that goes against my grain. But I’m super proud to announce the release of my new book, Meet Shelby Culpepper, which is book one of a three-book series for tweens.

I’ll tell you a little about the book, but then I want to share some background about why this book means so much to me. It’s available here on Amazon. You can read the back cover copy below:

A new school. A dying grandpa. A mysterious note. Even one of those things would be enough to keep Shelby awake at night. But all three at once provide the perfect ingredients for a really rotten seventh grade year. When Shane, the cutest boy in school, talks to her, Shelby is both thrilled and mortified. Thrilled because, wow. And mortified because his girlfriend is the most popular—and snobbiest—girl in school. With the help of her new friends—an overconfident geek and a boy-crazy romantic, as well as the wisdom of her bedridden grandfather, Shelby unravels the mysteries of the note, and explores the secrets of love, life, and death.

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The Power of Praise #3

Mother & BabyWe are continuing on with our theme of the power of praise. We have already looked at how the power of praise can work in our lives when things are going wrong, and how that when we don’t feel like praising Him, that is actually the time we should be doing exactly that and letting the power of praise break the devil’s hold on us. (See The Power of Praise #1). Last time we looked at how praise can help when our children are quarrelling. (See The Power of Praise #2).

Today we are going to see how the power of praise can affect our babies, and ultimately your life for the good. Continue reading