Buying Books with a Purpose

I’ll be honest, as a lifelong book lover no one needs to push me to buy a book or two. Lately I tend not to splurge because I have hundreds of unread books between my Kindle freebies and paperbacks. It seems like a total waste of money if I don’t have time to read the books I already own.

After working late one evening, I dropped by the store to pick up groceries. There I stumbled upon a small display of discounted books…and they were all Christian fiction and non-fiction. How could I resist?

It’s been a challenging year for our family dealing with my aging in-laws, tight finances, and our girls feeling like their parents do little more than work. And after an exhausting week, poking around in the discounted books bin was just the therapy I needed.

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Why You Might Attend a Story-time, Even If You Have No Children…

19275058_1161266980646550_5894828141577167009_nWhen I heard that children’s book author and colleague, Crystal Bowman, would be in town for children’s story-time, I put the date in my calendar. I knew I wouldn’t have any of my grandchildren with me that day, but I wasn’t going for them. I was going for Crystal.

I first met Crystal in person at Maranatha Christian Writer’s Conference in 2011. I had discovered her website, we had conversed via email, and she had agreed to edit my first book proposal and manuscript. I was eager to meet her, and to learn from her workshop. Continue reading

What’s the rush?

Autumn Solitude  by Dawn Aldrich

Autumn Solitude
by Dawn Aldrich

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. Luke 5:16 (NIV)

It’s mid-August. Have you felt the pull of autumn, yet? The gardens bulge with ripened fruits and veggies. Back-to-school sales remind us that our children soon trade in sand buckets for lunch boxes and flip flops for sneakers. We trade in our lazy summer days for quick-paced, action-packed schedules and before you know it, we’re preparing for our Christmas pageants and planning our New Year’s resolutions! (Yikes!)  Continue reading

Grandpa’s Blessing

IMG_2460--smallNearly 60 years ago my father built a modest cottage on Hutchins Lake in Fennville, Michigan. I spent most of my summers there while I was growing up. It’s where I learned to swim and water ski. It’s where I learned to paddle a canoe and row a boat with wooden oars. It’s where I learned to catch crabs, dig for worms, bait hooks, and catch fish. My children also enjoyed spending summer days at my parents’ cottage. And now my grandchildren are doing the same. Continue reading

Found: A Book Review

foundFrom the creators of the award-winning, best-selling Jesus Storybook Bible, (my favorite Bible in the whole world, and if you haven’t read it, you really should) comes a beautiful little book, with the simplest of titles: Found. In fact, this book contains barely 100 words, which just goes to show that the shortest of titles and the minimum amount of words truly can add up to something beautiful.

The only explanation must be that when you put author Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrator Jago in the same room, then magic happens. Continue reading