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I was once a kid.  My body says I’m not a kid anymore, but my heart tells me something different.

My husband once told a secret to a girl in my church.  He told her that I was really a little girl trapped inside my (over 60 year old) body.  He thought he was kidding, but I know better.

When my body was a kid, I lived in northern Indiana.  Most of that time I lived in a very small town or on a farm.  Later we moved to Tennessee and I fooled the teachers at Middle Tennessee State University into thinking I was a college student.

After I graduated (wow!) I got really brave and convinced some principals in South Carolina that I was a teacher.

Then I got married and had a daughter. Now she seems more like my sister. She has three teenagers who call me Grandma. Imagine that! I just wish they didn’t live so far away.

I convinced more people that I was an elementary school library media specialist–at least my principal and the people at the district office believed that.  But I don’t believe the kids in my school were fooled. We knew how to have fun even if I did have to remind them that I was still the boss in the library.

Then my body became old enough for me to retire from my library job. Now I’m having more fun than ever convincing people that I’m a writer. I mostly write Bible stories and even make some of my own pictures too. The pictures are made out of fabric. I even started my own publishing company called Honeycomb Adventures Press, LLC.

Please don’t tell anybody I’m really a kid inside. It might spoil all my fun.

Check out this blog post by Crystal Miller about me as a kid.

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The First Christmas RGB3

The First Christmasby Janice D. Green, illustrated by Violet Vandor
For families with children age 4-12 or Christian education
Paperback, 32 pages
ISBN 978-0-9836808-2-6
The First Christmas preview (selected pages)

The First Christmas re-tells the account of the birth of Jesus Christ. Adults and children alike will enjoy snuggling up to share these thirteen colorful scenes and the engaging discussion questions as this timeless story unfolds. Even older readers may be surprised to learn something new as they read again of the Messiah’s birth.

The Creation by Janice D. Green

The Creation, written and illustrated by Janice D. Green
for families with children age 4-12 or Christian education
24 pages, Hardcover
ISBN 978-0-9836808-0-2
The Creation preview (selected pages)

The Creation presents the day-by-day Genesis account with delightful word pictures and colorful hand-appliqued quilt illustrations. Questions included on each page encourage dialog between children and their caregivers. Through one-on-one snuggle time, children gain interest in the Bible, as caregivers embrace the opportunity to share their faith.

Bible Quilts:

Creation Bible QuiltJanice also hopes to find ways to create Bible quilts that will motivate children to ask about the Bible. You can learn more about this on her Bible Quilts Blog.


Janice D. Green — 6 Comments

  1. Janice,
    You ladies do a wonderful job. I was so impressed. I didn’t want to leave just one comment on one of the posts they are all WONDERFUL and so full of good ideas, crafts and things. I wish you all much success on this wonderful project and your own careers. Thanks for sharing the link. I’ll be checking in regularly.

  2. Hi Janice,

    I have been looking for you for years. I think you are the one and only who was my roommate at MTSU and who made my wedding dress. Please email me so I can at least call and talk with you sometime.

    You are a wonderful friend whom I greatly appreciate and will never forget. It has been over 40 years and that is much to long to be out of touch.

    Please email me as soon as you can.

    Take care and God bless you and your family.


  3. Hi,

    Our church, Highland Baptist Tabernacle in Blue Ridge, Ga, annually hosts a fall carnival for the children in our small town. We provide everything free to the children and their families, including food, games, entertainment, prizes and goodie bags. I am trying to procure enough childrens’ books (preferably Christian) for each child’s goodie bag. My goal is 200. Would you be able to donate one or more of your books for our cause? Thank you for your consideration.


    Jan Holley, on behalf of
    Highland Baptist Tabernacle
    94 Pounding Mill Creek Road
    Morganton, Ga 30560

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