First I Say A Prayer

138089I am happy to announce that the third book in Our Daily Bread for Little Hearts series is about to hit the shelves. First I Say A Prayer will be available the beginning of October. This 6 x 6 inch board book is beautifully illustrated by Luke Flowers, who not only captures the text but adds fun and creative details that kids will love.  Continue reading

Children’s Writing

writing__340Did you know that children’s magazines are now asking for writing from children? Both secular and Christian magazines want writing from their readers. How can we help our children stretch themselves to become writers that reach a broad audience with a Christian world view?  Continue reading

Adoption from a Grandmother’s Perspective

Grandmother pushing granddaughter on swing in park

When my daughter announced that she and her husband were planning to adopt a child, I was both delighted and concerned. Delighted because I had been looking forward to being a grandmother. Concerned because I knew nothing about adoption and had many questions.

Upon doing a Google search on grandparents and adoption, I found, to my surprise, very little information. It seemed as though grandparents were not considered an integral part of the adoption process. Yet, I have since learned they are a very important part. For this reason, we need to be aware of some issues we will face as the grandparents of children who have been adopted. Here are some of those issues: Continue reading