Sabbath Day’s Rest

Sabbath's Day Rest

Sabbath’s Day Rest

I am blessed and fortunate to own a lakefront house in Lake Placid, Florida. When I tell people I have a weekend home in Lake Placid, they automatically assume I mean Lake Placid, New York. But instead, our house is located in a sleepy little town just south of Sebring, Florida, that is very reminiscent of Mayberry RFD. While there are quite a few churches in town, there are just a few restaurants and bars. Many of the stores have murals painted on the side of their buildings, which has given rise to Lake Placid being nicknamed the “Town of Murals.” Whenever I walk into a business, I am immediately greeted with a polite, Continue reading

Prayerfully Paying Bills

paying billsIt’s my turn to post today, so I thought I’d tell you about how I pay bills. I mean, it’s not earth-shaking or anything, but it may include one element some folks leave out.

Whenever I sit down at my computer to do my online bill paying, I pull up my bank account and check the balance. Either it looks good or it doesn’t. It might cover all that we owe or not.

Regardless, I pray.

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The Power of Praise #4

Cedarmont Kids Bible SongsToday we are wrapping up this series on The Power of Praise.

We have already looked at the power praise has in our lives and in the lives of our children. (Here are the previous posts, #1, #2 and #3 for those who have missed them.)

My question for you today is Does your child have their own praise CDs, or easy access to family praise CDs? (Or whatever format of music it is that you have in your household!) Continue reading

Bible Quizzes and Games

076702 (1)When my kids were in elementary school, they loved paperback puzzle books that you could buy in the coloring book aisle at the grocery store or drug store. Word search puzzles, mazes, connect the dots, and crossword puzzles—any kind of puzzle got their attention and kept them busy for hours. During their “growing up” years, there were not many puzzle books in the Christian market. Now there are!

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