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Soon your child will be back in school. Even if your child attends school, there will likely still be times when you find yourself essentially having to fill the role of a homeschooling parent, whether your child needs some extra help in math and science or whether they simply need supplemental teaching at home in subjects that aren’t properly covered in school. Whatever the case may be, it’s good to be aware of all the resources that are available to you as a parent if you decide that you need to teach or tutor your child at home.

First and foremost, homeschool associations are wonderful organizations to join if you’re looking for resources to help you teach your child at home. The Home School Legal Defense Association website ( is a very useful source if you need help finding a homeschooling organization near you.

Homeschool conventions are another excellent resource—not only for great educational material but also for toys, camps, sports organizations, and so much more! In Florida this year, fifteen thousand people attended the Florida Parent Educators’ Association (FPEA). Several hundred vendors offered their products for sale at the convention. Some of the vendors included the following:

World of Life Bible Institute

Princess Parables

Nest Family Entertainment

Doctor Drew’s Toys, Inc.

Car-Smart Kids

Anna’s Friends

…and of course, GLM Publishing!

In addition to providing a venue for purchasing homeschooling curricula and products, homeschooling conventions schedule a wide variety of speakers who can provide a treasure trove of useful information to you. This year at the FPEA, the two keynote speakers were the following:

  • David Barton, from America’s Forgotten History and Heroes, which emphasizes our moral, religious, and constitutional heritage.
  • Sarah Mackenzie, the creator of the “Read-Aloud Revival Podcast,” which has been downloaded over 1.5 million times.

Finally, homeschooling conventions offer workshops and children’s programs too!

In short, homeschooling organizations and conventions can help parents become the very best they can be in all areas of teaching. They offer support, guidance, and information to parents that can be accessed very easily. If you ever find yourself in the position of having to teach your child at home, don’t hesitate to make use of these important resources. You will certainly not regret it.

On Sale Now!

On Sale Now!

How To Organize A Successful Mission Trip For Your Church Group

Guest post by Catherine Workman

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A DayOne Publication

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