Save Educational Gifts for New Year’s Day

thumb_book_stack_of_books_taller_ga_When our children were little we started a new tradition to celebrate the New Year. We read about creation and newness in the Bible and then we celebrated new starts. This included giving children (or the family) new books and games, new hugs, and trying a new food. It turned out better than we expected and many of our grandchildren now enjoy the tradition.

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Praying for Your Job

Job 36

With Labor Day weekend upon us, I wanted to take a moment to talk about work. Whether we consider the task of making money to support our family a job, a career, or a calling, one thing remains the same: … Continue reading

Hot Off The Press


For an author, holding a newly published hot-off-the-press book is always an exciting moment. It’s a moment of satisfaction and a feeling of reward. After many months (or years) of writing, revising, rewriting, and revising again, the words you sometimes … Continue reading

Motherhood Shows You How Time Flies

If nothing else, motherhood shows you how quickly time flies. They start out as little babies, so dependent upon you that you’re certain the days of overloaded diaper bags, being spit up on, and potty training are never going to … Continue reading

Twenty Five Days Till Christmas

If you count today, there are 25 days until Christmas. December 1 is the first day of the Christmas month, so let the countdown begin!┬áThe days between Thanksgiving and Easter seem like a year to a child. So here are … Continue reading