The Adventures of Peter and Leisel 1: A Lesson in Courage

Talking animals . . . a fire-breathing dragon? Peter and Leisel discover the magical world of Pothering Woods right from their own back yard. But does Leisel wander into a dragon’s lair? Peter must face his own fears as he … Continue reading

Zack Black and the Midnight Snack

Zack Black loves midnight feasts and will do anything to make sure he’s got enough food for his sister’s sleepover. But once Dodger the dog gets involved things don’t go quite according to plan! A fun story about forgiving people, … Continue reading

Series Review: South Seas Adventures

Introducing to you today South Seas Adventures, a series of historical fiction books set in the mid 1800s, written by Pamela June Walls, published by Tyndale Kids during 2000-2002, and aimed at preteen girls. About the series: 13 year old Abby and her … Continue reading

Book Review: Always Near Me

Always Near Me by Susie Poole 2012 Authentic Media Limited ISBN 978-1-904637-20-2. Board Book. * * * Blurb: Does God really see us all the time and know exactly what we are thinking? Always Near Me uses simple text and beautiful … Continue reading