Size Doesn’t Matter

  I saw this picture on Facebook yesterday and immediately my mind went to discipleship. As Christians, we are commissioned by Jesus Christ to share the Good News. We have an amazing opportunity in our daily lives to touch people … Continue reading

On Really Seeing Children – Part 2.

So, after reading yesterday’s post, I wonder if you’ve figured out what type of adult you might be to the children in your life? Are you the type that avoids interaction with children, or the type that really sees them? … Continue reading

On Really Seeing Children – Part 1

As a child I remember knowing clearly that there were two types of adults. There were those who tolerated my presence, put up with my questions and generally acted as though they’d be perfectly happy if I didn’t require anything … Continue reading

Go and Make Disciples – a family discussion.

“Go and make disciples…”  The words of Jesus’ great commission (see Matthew 28:18-20) are almost too familiar to us. They roll off our tongue in memory verses and rattle round our ears comfortably like words spoken as a lullaby. But … Continue reading