Something Better

My mother became a widow when she was 84 years old. During the first year her grief was so deep that we almost lost her. With the help of doctors and counselors, she began living again. She was mentally alert … Continue reading

Fishing for Presents

On my December 1 post, I offered some creative ideas to help kids anticipate and enjoy the Christmas season. I invited our CCA blog followers to share their ideas and received an email from my friend, Bob Hicks. This is … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Traditions

As the holiday season approaches, it’s nice to remember the traditions that are carried over year to year within your family. One of my sisters makes French meat stuffing like my mother used to when we were kids. My other … Continue reading

A New Place

My mom will be 94 next week. Her heart’s desire has been to stay in the home my father built for her 65 years ago. She is mentally alert and loves being in her home, but recent falls which resulted … Continue reading

Praying for the Mean Girls

I am writing to you as one parent to another. My heart aches because my daughter has been targeted by mean girls at her school. This is not new. It is something that started in middle school and seems to … Continue reading