Book Review: The First Christmas by Janice D. Green

Title:  The First Christmas Author:  Janice D. Green Illustrator:  Violet Vandor Publisher: Honeycomb Adventures Press, LLC ISBN-13: 978-0-9836808-2-6 SRP: $9.95 Reviewed by: Diane Stortz   Rating: Sometimes it’s good to slow down, especially at the holidays. This book can help … Continue reading

Snuggles’ Japanese Alps Adventures by Tim Ostermeyer

Title: Snuggle’s Japanese Alps Adventures Author: Tim Ostermeyer ISBN: 978-0-9794228-7-4 Age: 4-12  /  SRP:  $18.95      The photography in Snuggles’ Japanese Alps Adventures is awesome. You feel like you know these Japanese snow monkeys personally by the time you have finished … Continue reading

The Little Pot by Dawn Stephens

■Title: The Little Pot ■Author and Illustrator: Dawn Stephens ■Publisher: Bumblebee Productions (2009) ■ISBN-10: 1-933982-11-X ■ISBN-13: 978-1-933982-11-3 ■SRP: $17.95 ■Reviewed by: Janice D. Green Rating:       The Little Pot by Dawn Stephens is a children’s storybook that teaches a lesson in patience … Continue reading