So you think you might like to write for Christian Children’s Authors…

Q: What kind of authors are you looking for?

A: We look for published Christian authors who write books for children. The books don’t have to be overtly Christian, but should incline the hearts of children to love God, and never to suggest lifestyles contrary to Scripture. We will also consider illustrators of Christian children’s books.

Q: What exactly do you mean by “published?” Does self-published count?

A: We currently have both self-published and traditionally published authors on CCA. But we hope to fill future openings with traditionally published new authors or illustrators, or with self-published authors/illustrators with one or more children’s books that have won significant awards. Preference is given to authors and illustrators of picture books.

Q: What are your goals for CCA?

A: CCA aspires to provide articles that help parents, grandparents, and caregivers of children to teach their children to love Jesus and the Christian Bible. We write on a variety of topics that we feel will be helpful in rearing and relating to children in ways that promote the Christian lifestyle. Our secondary goal is to increase visibility for our authors, illustrators, and their books. This goal goes hand in hand with our primary goal since our books are written with the same aspirations of helping reach children with Christ’s love.

Q: How often do your authors post to the blog?

A: Authors are responsible to post twice a month. There are additional dates at the end of most months where authors may choose to post an additional time if we don’t have guest posts lined up for these dates.

Q: Who writes guest posts?

A: The same general criteria applies to those who write guest posts as for our regular authors. Writing guest posts is a wonderful way for authors to get their feet wet on our blog. Guest bloggers have an advantage for being selected as a regular author if they are interested in blogging more often.

Q: Do authors get paid to write for CCA?

A: No. Our only compensation is through increased visibility for our books and our writing.

Q: How does an author apply for a blogging position with CCA?

A: Mention your interest in a comment to this page or contact any one of the authors on the blog to let them know of your interest. Be prepared to share your own author web page URL and to write one or two sample blog posts for CCA.


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