Book Review: The Girl Whose Heart Was Too Big

It is always a joy to find books with meaning to read with my grandchildren and The Girl Whose Heart Was Too Big by author Natalie Carlisle is just one of those great finds. The character is a tiny little girl who comes from a poor home with little material things. But she has a huge heart for giving. Readers will be drawn to her giving heart as the author takes you through how little Amber Ellens gives her only bed ( which is just a flat little pillow) to her dog. And how she shares her meal with the dog and how she shares most everything she has with someone else.

Ms. Carlisle creates a classroom environment where she shows the reader one side of how it is to be judgemental as each student chooses not to be friends with little Amber Ellens yet the little girl continues to understand and give back to the students with her big heart. She has created a teacher that understands.

It is during show and tell, when little Amber Ellens has nothing but a ratty looking dog leash to show but has a heart-warming story to tell do we see a change in the students. The author does a wonderful job of showing the true heart of a Christian in little Amber and the wonderful ability that caring gives to those whose hearts can change with the right kind of loving.

I loved this book and will use it as a springboard to talking about the love of Christ in our hearts for those in need. This story also for shows how important we are to God even if we think we  have nothing to share. The book is full of good principles that children will enjoy and learn from among the pages of a good story.

The Girl Whose Heart Was Too Big

Author Natalie Carlisle


Create a Space: 2012

60 pages

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