Foster care: continuing the conversation.

At the start of this year we began a conversation, here on the Christian Children’s Authors blog, about foster care. We’ve explored many and various topics around the issue from why children need foster homes, to how to prepare for a foster child’s arrival. We’ve discussed a Christian response and how to support those who decide to be foster carers.

So, as we wrap up the year-long conversation I thought I’d group all the posts together.

January – When Movies Start Conversations  and  Foster Care – another way to grow a family

February – Scavenging Grace Amid Heartache

March – Open hearts and open homes

April – Foster Care in Children’s Books

May – Is foster care for you? A Christian response

June – Birth family contact: complexities and care

July – The beauty of life story work

August – Foster care – a family decision

September – An interview with a foster carer: Kally, a long-term carer. and Home for Good

October – An interview with a foster carer: Margaret, short-term care and adoption

November – Preparing to foster (or to support someone who is!)

Although we may not be posting as regularly about this topic in the new year, I hope the conversations continue, and that these posts are a helpful resource for Christian families thinking and praying through the possibility of opening their home to a child, or children, in need.


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