Sharing Christian Books with Children


Don’t you just love exploring a bookstore with your kids? The charm of new books, the comfy places to sit and read, the excitement of reading new stories… and the list could could on forever.

But some kids never explore bookstores. 

There are lots of reasons that families don’t spend time in bookstores, but sometimes it is because they are struggling to put food on the table. Buying a new book would be a luxury that is out-of-reach financially.

What if owning books was more of a possibility for those kids?

I keep thinking about food banks, especially at this time of year. Schools and churches collect food to stock the pantry shelves. Hat and mitten trees offer a way to send a little warmth home with the children whose families come to the food banks for assistance.

What if every child also went home with a book?

Donating new or gently used books to food banks would do more than give kids a chance to have a book of their own. It would teach the young donors the importance of giving.

Where has your family been able to donate books?


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Sharing Christian Books with Children — 1 Comment

  1. I never thought of donating books to a food bank–great idea! I have been given many opportunities to donate books to church libraries, after school programs, and even a prison ministry for children of inmates. Thanks for this great post!

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