A fond farewell from Down-Under.

It’s been about three years since Janice D. Green invited me to join the Christian Children’s Authors team, almost three years since my first post on this blog.

As the lone representative from ‘Down-Under’ during that time it’s been a wonderful privilege to share – even if only in a small way – the lives and passion of the enthusiastic children’s writers who contribute to this blog. Each of the writers here have their own story of how they started writing for children. Some, like me, began writing Christian children’s books because they saw a gap in the market that needed filling. Others write from the lessons learned along the journey of being a parent, or foster parent, or grandparent. Several have self-published their books, others write to contracts with some of the largest publishing houses in the world. But they are all passionate about seeing families and children growing in their relationship with Christ, and I’ll value the friendships I’ve made during my time here. 

Writing for this blog has also been a personal blessing. I’ve found the opportunity to write about the things that matter to me, such as children, books, stories, families and faith, simultaneously a treat and a challenge. I’ve used my fortnightly allocation to explore a whole range of topics from what it’s like to be a children’s author, to talking with our children about suffering. From encouraging kids to read the Bible, to the issues at stake in foster care. I’ve found some posts painful to write as I’ve had to wrestle with the content at a personal level before I could frame the necessary words. Other posts have been plain fun, or even surprising as they’ve come about. That, I suppose, is the mystery and delight of writing.

But today’s post is my final contribution as part of the CCA team. After a great three years it’s time for me to finish up. Glyns Nellist has recently joined the team and will be taking my regular Thursday slots – I’m sure you’ll enjoy her posts, she’s written some beautiful books. So, whether you’re new to this blog or been visiting for a while, let me encourage you to browse through the posts on offer. Scan the categories, or do a search on a topic that’s been playing on your mind, and enjoy what you find. 

As for me, I’ll continue to write, though not so frequently in a blog capacity. If you’re interested in following my writing journey feel free to pop over to my website: www.pennyreeve.com or like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pennyreevethepennydrops/.

See you around,

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A fond farewell from Down-Under. — 7 Comments

  1. We will miss you, Penny, but respect your decision to move on. We have enjoyed your posts and appreciate your valuable contributions. May God bless you as you continue to use your gifts and talents for Him.

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