Investing in a Writing Career – Choosing a Conference



We have been exploring ways to invest in your writing career. Last time, we looked at the benefits of attending a writers conference. Today, let’s think about questions to consider when choosing a conference.



  1. How long has this conference been in existence? What is its history?
  2. What will we do at the conference?
  3. What makes this conference unique?
  4. Is the conference geared to beginning, mid-career, or advanced authors?
  5. Do authors attend this conference multiple years?
  6. What kinds of opportunities will I have to meet with editors and agents?
  7. How should I prepare for the conference?
  8. What things should I take with me?
  9. Is there any special support for first-time attendees?
  10. Is it okay if I want to just sit back and take in all in the first time around?
  11. How can I connect with others who have attended the conference before?
  12. Where can I find the nuts and bolts information such as location, cost, meals, and lodging?
  13. Is financial support available?
  14. How can I contact someone if I have further questions?

Join me next time as we explore the answers to these questions with Write-to-Publish Conference Director, Lin Johnson.

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