Priorities and the Case of the Missing Posts

speeding_cars_by_quintonvmI’ve missed my last two posting days. They whisked by me like a speeding car on the freeway without a rearview glance. I apologized to my fellow bloggers for not posting the first time. But this time I decided to blog about it instead, and schedule it to post on my next blogging day so I don’t miss it a third time.

You see, life gets crazy sometimes. There was a husband to get off on a mission trip to Africa and a best friend to visit in another state. There was an aging mother to drive to appointments and a young adult daughter who wanted me to run errands with her. There was another daughter who needed a babysitter and grandchildren who needed hugs. I wouldn’t miss any of those things for the world. They are gifts, lavish and priceless. There were groceries to buy, bills to pay, laundry to fold, and time needed to correspond with my missionary husband. I had a book to finish rewriting and a Sunday school lesson to prepare. The billing for my husband’s company hasn’t learned to do itself yet, though I wish it would. And that’s just the short list. I needed to sleep sometime,too, right?

Life’s probably not any less busy for you or for my fellow bloggers, though our lists may differ. But sometimes it’s hard to fit everything in, isn’t it?

And that’s OK. Because my family is more important than any blog. The other Christian Children’s Authors would agree in a heartbeat. If one thing has to be dropped from the to-do list, we never let it be the ones we love. Because even though we think of this blog as a ministry, our first mission field is always our families. God gave us these special people as our first priority. No one else can be my kids’ mom. My grandkids don’t have another Grammy. I’m wife to only one man. I’ve been called to those roles and nothing will ever take precedence over them.

So I’m sorry (not sorry) I didn’t get my last two posts in. I’m betting no one even noticed. But my kids, grandkids, husband, and mom sure would have noticed if I’d gone missing from our family. I’m over-the-top thankful for the blessing of having these people I love to keep my life busy and full.


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Priorities and the Case of the Missing Posts — 10 Comments

  1. I love this post, Linda! You expressed everything so well. Though we love your blog posts and count on you to cotribute, the world did not end, people did not die,and hearts were not broken because you missed a couple of posts! Thanks for your candid honesty. We love you and need you, but your family needs you more. Years ago my hubby and I stepped down from a very active ministry because it was taking too much time away from our kids. Guess what? Another couple stepped up to fill our shoes so we could do a better job at being the only parents our children had.

    • Thank you, Crystal. I love your story of God raising up another couple to take over the active ministry so you could be more present with your children. Isnt’ that just like our God?

  2. We missed your posts, Linda; but we certainly understand family is first. Time with them is so precious and short. This has been a year of reassessment for me since the girls are teens now and God only knows how much longer they will be living at home. There will be plenty of days to volunteer for this and that, but only so many days to enjoy dinner with all of us around the table.

    • Thanks, Cheryl. It does take assessing and reassessing as our family grows and changes. I thought I’d have a lot more time now that my kids are grown, but I’m in the thick of the “sandwich generation” and don’t have as much time as I thought I would. It’s all good. I’m savoring time with my mom, who will turn 85 this summer. Wouldn’t change a thing.

    • Thank you, Bonnie! I always figure if I keep my family first, even if other things slide, God will honor my efforts.

  3. Really enjoyed reading your blog. I read something interesting yesterday. The writer says we all make to-do lists, but how about making do-not-do lists–things we really don’t have to do today to make room for the important things.

  4. I completely agree with everyone else, Linda. God comes first, then next in importance is family. And you being there when they needed you is so important. They will appreciate it, and I know God will honour it.

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