Celebrate Freedom

starbookIt’s almost Independence Day when we celebrate our country’s freedom. It’s celebrates the day early American leaders signed the Declaration of Independence. Read this important document. On that day the Liberty Bell was rung to let people know the great news. Ring a bell and cheer for freedom.

Freedom didn’t just happen when they signed the paper. The British didn’t accept the document and the Americans then fought a war and won that freedom. 

Check to see if your community has plans you can join in for the 4th of July. There might even be fireworks.

Also schedule time to talk about our nation’s history and the struggle for freedom. My friend Jane Hampton Cook wrote a wonderful book for elementary students about our national anthem. It’s titled The Star Spangled Banner.When President George W. Bush served as president, Jane worked in the White House.

Watch a parade live or online or TV. Or have your own parade. Hang an American flag and salute it. Sing patriotic songs.

Enjoy a picnic and being free to run and play outdoors. Blow bubbles and rejoice as they float freely into the sky.

Write to a soldier who is serving our country and thank him or her for protecting our country. Go to http://www.anysoldier.com/index.cfm to learn how to send one.



Karen Whiting






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