I watched our two granddaughters, almost 6 and almost 2. The oldest pulled up a chair to the stove and stirred a hot pan making gravy without help, while her mom worked with the other cooking. The least one sat at the table with a basket of odds and ends that included a spool and yarn. She watched her dad tying flies at the other end of the table as she wound the yarn around the spool. A quiet easy life at the top of a mountain, but there was so much teaching going on while they attempted to be just like their parents. I was amazed at the fine motor skills of a tiny child who could barely talk. I was almost horrified to see a five year old stirring hot liquid for gravy. Then I realized she was well taught watching mama.

Beverly Lewis is one of my favorite authors. Her children’s book Just Like Mama, demonstrates how children want to be just like their parents by imitating their actions. In the end, the girl’s mother encourages her daughter and herself to be more like Jesus. But how do they learn to be more like Jesus?  By watching adults whose hearts are stayed upon the Lord. Little eyes and hearts are always watching.

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