Grown-Up Christmas List

I first learned of the song Grown-Up Christmas List when I discovered this Amy Grant video. It tells the story of an adult talking to Santa Claus, reminding him of the childhood fantasies she used to share with him; but now she selflessly requests Santa to bring special things to a world in need: no more lives torn apart, for wars to never start, for time to heal all hearts, for everyone to have a friend, for right to always win, and for love to never end.

Turn on the news today and you can see how much we need these special wishes. We live in a fallen world. None of this was God’s original plan for us, but we are left to deal with the consequences of that original sin in the Garden of Eden.

The Good News is that God promised a Savior (Isaiah 9:6-7) and we know that Jesus will come again to make everything right (Revelation 20-22). As we begin Advent this coming Sunday, let us remember the gift of hope that God gave us when He sent us His Son. May we also be mindful of our promised Helper, the Holy Spirit, who Jesus sent to teach us things and remind us of all He spoke.

We should be encouraged, especially this time of year, to pray for each other and to be a light unto the world. May God bless you always.

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