Mary, Did You Know?

During this time of Advent, I can’t help but think of Mary. As a mother, I relate more to her now than when I read the Christmas story as a child. Perhaps that’s why Mary, Did You Know? is one of my favorite Christmas hymns.

Mary, Did You Know? is an insightful song. Every mother has hopes and dreams for her children. She imagines their future. Mary could not have known what her Child’s future looked like, but she knew her Child wasn’t like any other baby that had been born or would be born after.

We read in the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke that after the shepherds ran off to tell everyone what they had seen, Mary “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” What mother doesn’t ponder the actions of her children or events her children are involved in? She knew something amazing had just transpired.

Fast forwarding years later, we find Mary is frantic when twelve-year-old Jesus is lost on the way back from Jerusalem after Passover. She and Joseph search for him and the first thing she does when she sees Him–in typical mother fashion–is scold Him for treating them so badly and telling Jesus how distressed they were.

Like any dedicated mother, Mary followed her Son’s ministry and was with Him even until His earthly death. How her heart must have broken watching the way He was tortured and killed. For while Jesus was the Savior of the world, He was also: the Baby she carried, the Child she nurtured, and the Man she had to let go of in order to see God’s promise fulfilled.

This Advent season, I encourage you to consider Mary. Think of the wonderful Gift she brought into this world and shared with this world by accepting God’s plan for her life. May the Gift of Christmas fill you with hope, joy, and peace.

Then Mary said, “I am willing to be used of the Lord. Let it happen to me as you have said.” (Luke 1:38)

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