Beth Bence Reinke

Books are so much fun. There’s nothing like holding a child on your lap and sharing a story together. When my two boys were little, we probably read Go Dog, Go! a zillion times!

Even though I’m a registered dietitian by training, I’ve always been a writer at heart. I enjoy writing for all kinds of media, such as magazines and websites, and of course, books. Two of my favorite topics to write about are pediatric nutrition and racing. Yep, that’s car racing – NASCAR.

My children’s books are from a small, traditional publisher in Oklahoma, 4RV Publishing. All three books are illustrated by Ginger Nielson. I’ve also written a number of nonfiction children’s books and two devotionals for women. You can pop over to my website to learn more.

If you get a chance today, read a book to a child. You’ll both be blessed!



A Wish and a Prayer
ages 4-8



In My Bath
ages 2-6



Carla’s Cloud Catastrophe
ages 4-10


These children’s books and my women’s devotional books can be ordered here.

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