Holly Skelton

As a person who by trade is an engineer, I certainly did not see myself as a published author.  Thank goodness for His guidance and a plan that is much bigger than what I could see for myself!

Inspired to write a book to give to my middle daughter for her 1st Birthday, the original draft of my book Perfect You was born.  Many prayers and inputs later my book was published in May of 2011.

Perfect You is written to encourage everyone to find what gifts and talents God has blessed them with so that they may go out and serve others.  Being an author has proven to be a wonderful use of the talents I believe God has given me and I am excited to be able to share  with our readers.  I feel so passionately about helping families find ways to serve alongside their children, I have a blog dedicated to just this!  You can find it at www.thelittleheartsproject.blogspot.com

For more information about myself and my book Perfect You, please check out my website at www.hollyskeltonbooks.com.  You can also become a fan of Perfect You on Facebook for the latest information!

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