Penny Reeve

Hello, I’m Penny and I’m a children’s writer.

I grew up the child of missionary parents so found myself thinking about communicating the gospel from an early age. I became a Christian when I was 7 as my mum read The Treasures of the Snow to me, chapter by chapter before bed each night. I remember being struck by the desire to be forgive and at peace with God. it is interesting as I look back over my life and I notice that the year I wrote my first book, was the same year I became a child of God. No coincidence I think.

These days I live in  western Sydney, Australia with my husband, three children and two dogs (we own a bossy Jack Russel terrier and a cuddly, ball obsessed German Shepherd). We attend and are involved in our local church and I am passionate about children hearing the news about Jesus. I’m also quite excited about mission and searching out and exposing children to opportunities to live out their developing faith in authentic and practical ways. These interests of mine inevitably spill over into what I write.

My children’s books include the very popular picture book series called Find the Animal, a series of junior novels tackling issues of faith in action and responding to the world’s poor and a recently released Bible study series for 10-12 year olds called Dig-In Discipleship.

For more information pop over to my website  or join my exploration of all things related to children, faith and stories at my facebook page: Penny Reeve – the penny drops.  


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