Roslyn Alexander


Roslyn was born in Columbus Ohio, as the middle child of five children. She became a born again believer at the age of 17. Roslyn earned a Board of Governors degree from Eastern Illinois University with a minor in fine art, and an associate degree in Occupational therapy from Parkland College, Champaign Illinois. She then evolved as a specialist in fine motor skills for handwriting and arts and crafts.

Roslyn works with children who need inspiration to overcome developmental delays, and has acquired the ability to project a positive outlook with her students and parents who need a fresh take on daily challenges to achieve success. This skill has flowed over into her inspirational writing and artwork. Roslyn and her husband Greg of 37 years have raised two children and have three grandchildren who have also been an inspiration for her books.

Roslyn has had a career as a life long learner that started out in the fine arts at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland and Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas. In 2001 after taking a Photoshop workshop at the University of Illinois in Springfield she started creating digital art.

Roslyn shows and shares her inspirational artwork with sculpture and digital art through a variety of venues, but most specifically with children as she shares her artwork and faith through these inspirational books for children age five to one hundred and five.

In 2008 she composed Blue Earth with some of her first digital art pieces. In 2011 she published In Seven Days?, and Bread of Presence, Jesus has always been with us, with Crossbooks. Jonah pursued self publishing with




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