One Reason Kids Don’t Like Summer

Are the children in your family counting down the days until summer? Most likely they are looking forward to sleeping a little later, spending time with friends, playing on a sports team, going to camp, going on vacation, and seeing … Continue reading

Choosing Books for Children and Tweens

This week, I attended an elementary school book fair. It was a delightful way to observe first-hand what is popular, and what is not, with 5-12 year old readers. The book fair had a nice variety of fiction and nonfiction … Continue reading

Reading, Drawing, and Summer Reading Programs

As I write this, I have the windows open in my office. It isn’t summer yet, but summer is surely just around the corner. If you are a parent, a grandparent, or the caregiver of a child, I am sure … Continue reading

Kid’s Day in Christian Bookstores

It is Saturday! Yay! Let’s hear it for Saturday! What will your family be doing today? Saturday is a time for sports, chores, errands… It gets busy quickly, doesn’t it? I want to put one more thing on your list … Continue reading

3 Tips for National Reading Month with Tweens

March is National Reading Month. It is a time of celebration for book lovers. Although, truthfully, book lovers don’t need the calendar to encourage them to read. Some tweens, on the other hand, are not so thrilled to be in … Continue reading