Grocery shopping tips

Do you shop for groceries? If so, you’re the gatekeeper who decides which foods come into your pantry. Decision-making at the supermarket impacts your family’s health and budget. Here are a few tips for packing your grocery cart full of nutritious eats: … Continue reading

3 Basics for Choosing a Church

Every believer goes through a time when they must decide on which church is right for their family. If they have children, it’s important to consider them in the decision. For me, there are three basic things to consider:: Teaching … Continue reading

God is Always There

One of a child’s most basic needs is security. Children need to know that an adult will always be there and that they will never be left alone. Children need to live in homes that offer a secure and stable environment where … Continue reading

The Most Important Influence

Who is the most important influence in your child’s life? For years, we’ve been hearing about the importance of peer influence and peer pressure in our children’s lives. We send them off to school and wonder who their friends will … Continue reading